The 3nd edition will start in Ocober 2021, see all info here TASAWAR 2021-2022
It will be hosted in a regional, cooperative network of the several GOETHE-INSTITUTS.

“I think we found the perfect mix for TASAWAR [3], we are looking forward to the new research and study collective that will reshape the program with their expertise, interest, and engagement”, stated Bettina Pelz. Here the list of fellows that have been selected: Achraf Remok | Ana Rodriguez | Anne van Lierop | Aya Bseiso | Cyrine Ghrissi | Dana Kaoukji | Dhia Dhibi | Eva Bruno | Farah Sayem | Hajer Chiha | Hanen Mahfoud | Hiba Kattan | Janet Sebri | Jasmin Chebil | Kathleen de Meeûs | Mana Moursi | Marwa Benhalim | Mehdi Ouahmane | Meriam Gaied | Nour Halawa | Omar Chennafi | Ons Jalel | Paola Farran | Rahma Jmaiel | Roya Mansar | Samer Betar | Sarah Nesbitt | Shadin Albulaihed