Floy Krouchi



sound sculpture radio art pieces between documentary, essay and fiction -installations -live performance with invented dispositive «bass holograms» -sound sculpture / new instruments connecting ancient sacred practices to contemporary art- music for dance, movies, theatre (collaborations)


mixed media, new technology,sound,collage/cut ups: unhierarchic use of different sounds materials and sources. using langages as music


Floy Krouchi works with sound as a phenomenon in its multiple dimensions : physical, plastic, instrumental, abstract, radiophonic.

She uses the vibratory and invisible qualities of this medium as a metaphore of unrevealed aspects of reality, questioning perceptions and creating disruptions in space and time. In her pieces, sound and silence are often forming an anthropological dispositive to collect, investigate and reorganise fragments of reality and identitites through orality. listening is considered as a practice of resistance -to imposed productivity of time, visual saturation, short span of attention- Lately, she is investigating the relation between technology, magic, and the technics of the avant garde (such as cut ups and surrealisme).


“Ive learned a lot on the job. First, through performing with this band, thewith n while experimenting with various influences and ideas, for example: the idea of working with recorded music lead to AT players and 8 tracks tape recorders. I initially did it for the sake of some projects and learned gradually, along the way. I studied some Jazz, harmony as an instrument and acquired a lot of knowledge as I advanced.”

Thomas Baumgartner : L’atelier Du Son.2011.Interview with Floy Krouchi.Retrieved on 16 October 2019


2019 | | DREAMCITY – Festival of Art in the City
2018 | | Contemporary Dance Festival
2018 Presentation Performance FKBass, Ircam , Paris, fr
2017 | 2017 Louvre Abu Dhabi, A Stream of Love , EAU
2016 Spectrum NYC (series of 4 performances ), New York, Usa
2014 Galerie W113 New Delhi, India
Since 2012 | Regular exhibition activity, mainly in Europe and North-Africa.