Amine Hasni

“Domaine Sainte marie du zit, an initiatory journey through art, architecture and the senses.
A human experience to reconnect with nature, the senses and life; It is based on a series of evolving architectural experiments that integrate the actant into the artistic act. This experience began in 2009 in an agricultural domain of 29 hectares in Sainte Marie du Zit, a small mythical  village perched between Mornag and Zaghouan. This route will take place according to the seasons, to the liking of encounters, to the liking of any human  and artistic experience. An initiatory journey, Building and destroying, Drawing and erasing, Playing and being led by the game,
Letting nature express itself in very different contexts. As an architect by training, we wanted to maximize experiences and encounters,  with friends, artists and architecture students to explore the limits of research, matter and the Self.” Amin hasni talking about his project Domaine Sainte marie du zit.

Installations, Interventions
His work combines architecture, agriculture and ecology.


Architecture, wood, light, documentation


2019 | Infinity pavilon|

2019 | Median.Tn |Utopia exhibition, 100 years-Bauhaus

2018 | | Wind Tower

2019 | Founder of the movement Afri | Animals’ Preservation

2010 ||Founder of Hasni & Hasni Architecture OFFICE

2009 ||Founder of Domaine Sainte Marie du Zit

2002 ||I.T.A.A.U.T.Technological Institute of Art, Architecture and Urbanism|Architect diploma


Lives and works in
Born in 1979 in