Open Tasks

STUDIO 3 _ 31 October to 2 November 2019
Take your time to prepare for the next studio


7 to 13 October 2019

_ finalizing the protocol (teamwork)
_ visiting DREAM CITY, collecting info (teamwork)
_ co-working time on website and WordPress (collective)
_ update personal profile (personal or tandem)

14 to 20 October 2019

_ writing the curatorial statement (personal or with tandem)
_ review and writing the DREAM CITY review (teamwork)
_ completing an artist’s profile

21 to 27 October 2019

_ preparing the PECHA KUCHA for those who will present in the next studio
_ research and development of one the themes of SCENE TUNIS, preparing a 20×20 presentation (teamwork)
_ completing an exhibition’s profile

28 to 30 October 2019

_ developing ideas for Enneja Ezzahra and preparing a 20×20 presentation


TASAWAR Incubator
>> Possible future project in Ennejma Ezzahara: Developing ideas and guiding interests

TASAWAR Scene Tunis
>> SCENE TUNIS Teams: Sounding out contents and projects that will take place in Tunis in the next months

The task is to do some research on the theme and to develop an open idea for a curatorial project. Explicitly, the research and development should be free and utopian, driven by your knowledge and interests, your values and your worldview. Your approach can be intellectual or poetic, provocative or fun … somehow aiming at unusual, new perspectives. Please prepare a presentation for the next studio that explains the links between your research and your guiding interest, between your idea and your ambition

About Bauhaus:
Referring to the Bauhaus 1919 – 2019 by Goethe Institut

About Brutalism:
Referring to the project “Patrimoini: Hotel du Lac” by Edifices & Memoires and the Goethe-Institute (info not published yet)

About Cultural Heritage:
Referring to the TASAWAR plan to develop a project for Ennejma Ezzahra

About Street Art:
Referring to “L’Art Rue

About Digital Media:
“Les mille et une nuits” by French Institute (info not published yet)

>> DREAM Teams: Collect all info for the DREAM CIY review and start to write

>> Pecha Kucha: Curatorial Jump Board (4/studio/link to list)
>> Curatorial Statement: How to write a curatorial statement?
>> Curatorial Statement: Personal localization

>> Artists’ Profiles
>> Curators’ Profiles
>> Exhibitions’ Profiles
>> Editing history at the end of a post

STUDIO 2 _ 3 – 5 October 2019

>> Personal Statement: Curatorial Jump Board (All)

STUDIO 2 Preparations
Take your time to prepare for the next studio

>> Task to be done before the studio meeting
_ find info, text or interviews that explain a curatorial concept

STUDIO 1 _ 12 – 14 September 2019
Take your time to prepare for the next studio

>> Tools to learn
_ WordPress
_ Google Calendar
_ Facebook / WhatsApp group

>> Tasks to do
_ Personal Profile
_ Artist’s Profile
_ Legendary Exhibition Summary
_ Adding art events to the TASAWAR SCENE

>> Responsibilities to care for
_ Protocol 12.9.2019: Bettina
_ Protocol 13.9.2019: Amin
_ Protocol 14.9.2019: Frederike

>> Special Needs
_ Rola: Emily Sarsam / Mariem Besbes

>> News
_ Reflect on exhibition possibility at Palais de Baron d’Erlanger


Ingo Wendt. SEE DJERBA Houmt 2019. Photo Corrie Francis Parks.