Tasawar dinners have been conceived in order to bring together artists, curators and researchers to meet with Tasawar participants and exchange in conversations and experiences in the format of spontaneous and intimate dinners. The Tasawar monthly dinner programme has been realised as a platform to present aspects of the art scene in Tunis and elsewhere and to build necessary networks through which further collaborations and initiatives can be ignited and pursued. 

TASAWAR Dinner 31 October 2019

hosted by Club Gingembre

curated by Petra Swais & Emily Sarsam

cooked by Siavash Eshghi & Elyes Lariani

with special guests:
Ymen Berhouma
Ali Tnani
Sofiane Ouissi / Bilel El Mekki _ DREAM CITY / L’Art Rue

Photos by Bechir Zayene / Goethe-Institut

LINKS “Food for Thought”

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