What is Curatorial Statement

Curatorial statement

What is a curatorial Statement?
Is a text written by a curator or the organisation to present the exhibition , in different formats : text on the wall of the entrance, catalogue, fliers, web format, text used in the press meeting or writing presentation.

The text present the theme, topic or concept of the exhibition.

What is the objectif of curatorial Statement?

  • Guide the public understand your exhibition ;
  • Guide the way ;
  • Arouse in him the interest ; Excitement and curiosity to discover the exhibition.

What is the format of curatorial Statement?

  • 3 paragraphs from 200 to 800 words ;
  • The text talk about the exhibition without exposing too much details ;


  • First Paragraph : premise of the exhibition ;
  • Second paragraph : exemples of artist approches depending on the range;
  • Third paragraph : wider significance of your theme to explain the theme deeply.
Optional paragraphe
  • Fourth paragraph : processing of your thinking about the exhibition ;
  • Fifth paragraph : some curators write a supplementary handout that describes each work in the show in some details ;
The style of the statement
  • Two audiences

1st ART COMMUNITY : to engage the art community you must be specific when you are articulating your Agenda ( hidden Idea );


Examples of  Curatorial’s text

During an exhibition, there can be several texts : a curatorial text written by the curator or co-written by the curatorial committee, a text written by the director of the organization, also a text written by the president of the organisation. For example : Vide : Une retrospective.Pompidou

The structure of the Text of Alain Seban, the President of Pompidou center :
  • Historical and temporal context of the exhibition;
  • The relationship between the architecture of the museum and the exhibition;
  • The relationship of the Pompidou Museum with the artist;
  • Remerciement.
The structure of the text : Director of the national museum of modern art, center of industrial creation, Pompidou center :
  • Impact of the exposure on the audience ;
  • A wink on the texts of the catalogs and the problems exposed in the latter ;
  • The highlights of the exhibitions.

Co-written by Dorrine Nasri and Imen Bahri