TASAWAR Curatorial Studios is an initiative of the GOETHE-INSTITUT Tunisia. We developed it in close co-operation with German curator Bettina Pelz who has been working intensively in Tunisia since she was invited 2014 by the Goethe-Institut to partake in the project “Kulturakademie”.

The TASAWAR project is founded with the aim to develop a learning platform for people active in various creative fields with a desire to develop their curatorial practice and to professionalize in the arts and its contexts. It is open to cultural workers from Tunisia and the MENA region who wish to rethink and/or develop their way of working with contemporary art in their environments.

The program will run over the course of one year and accept up to 30 participants who will take part in monthly studios. At the core of the program are 3-to-5-day focus groups lead by international and local professionals of the arts. Through its practice-based approach, the studios encourage participants to reflect and work in diverse contexts, such as art biennials, galleries, exhibitions, museums, as well as initiatives and projects in socio-cultural contexts and public space.

The matrix of the program links a broad variety of building blocks like the studios as the core learning environment, the TYT platform with online learning units and co-working times as well as a diverse array of fields of practice. This includes interaction with experienced curators and studio visits with artists as well as research and development, writing and publishing, international networking and mentoring.

Subjects of the studios, “TYT” and the fields of practice are curatorial concepts, curatorial production, curatorial communication and mediation, art mediation and audience development, art criticism, and curatorial review, artistic and curatorial research. The participants will graduate from the program having gained a deep insight into various curatorial concepts, production, and research within contemporary art.

Another goal of the program is to explore localized notions and definitions of art curatorship and to facilitate the access of Tunisian cultural workers to an international art scene. Therefore this program will be held in English. Participation is fully funded.

We will be joining the program ourselves and hope to contribute with our team and our GOETHE-INSTITUT networks.
To a good time of shared learning!

Emily Sarsam – Frederike Meyer – Daniel Kugele